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Grotte di Castro , a beautiful village in Italy : food , fashion , tourism and ancient history

Grotte di Castro is a litte medieval village in region Lazio in Italy , the country is near Bolsena's Lake and near Orvieto ( about 20 minutes by car).

Grotte di Castro has an ancient history dating to the Etruscan , the italian ancient civilization , and it's also important for the historical medieval period.

 If you love ancient historical villages this one will be perfect for you.

Here you can find museums , beautiful landscapes , very good food  , lake Bolsena in 5 km , and beautiful shops.


"Museo Civita"

The museum in in one of the most beautiful Renaissance palace of Grotte di Castro .There you can find antiquities of Etruscan civilization and also the "Necropoli".
Museo Civita e Necropoli di Pianezze Tel. 0763 796983


The church  wash built in 1625 above an other ancient church dedicated to San Giovanni Battista , inside there is also a museum of ancient relics and Etruscan artifacts.
Virtual Tour


Grotte di castro has one of the best views on the Lake Bolsena . You can go for a walk , or if you love running there are a lot of routes in the nature and near the Lake.


Our boutique Max Ma is the only one in the historical center of Grotte di Castro . It is a stylish shop , most of our brands are made in Italy like Maria Bellentani , Patrizia Parma , Afrodisia , Evalinka , Tosca Blu , Entrà , Antonello Serio .


The most finest cuisine of the North of region Lazio , a mixture of the the tuscan cuisine and umbian cuisine . There are many tipical restaurants like "Aio Ojo e Peperoncino" and the" Locanda di Roberto"  .


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